If your looking to have your car remapped or tuned in the Midlands or surrounding areas you have come to the right place.

Map Worx is based in Birmingham and can RemapĀ  most vehicles from 2000 to present day and has lots of experience in the motor industry.

Map Worx have the full support of Reidy Remaps and as such you get the same quality Remap as you would if you came to us directly.

Map Worx dont just cover the Midlands they cover most of the surrounding areas outsideĀ  so feel free to call them if your a little further away.

Map Worx can offer DPF Removal / EGR removal and Vmax or speed limiter removal for most cars.

Also we offer Eco Tuning and Performance tuning, as all remaps are fully custom you can decide how you would like your car to run.


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